Spooky Experience of Flight Attendants Staying in Hotels, Invisible Sounds Make Goosebumps

Spooky Experience of Flight Attendants Staying in Hotels, Invisible Sounds Make Goosebumps – This mystical experience was experienced by a flight attendant named Nana and her friend, while on a layover in Yogyakarta. This incident was experienced by Nana last year when it was peak season, aka the high season.

Spooky Experience of Flight Attendants Staying in Hotels, Invisible Sounds Make Goosebumps


dostavapiva – That day, Nana should have no flight schedule, but due to busy flights, Nana’s schedule turned into standby. A few hours later, Nana got a call that one of the flight attendants was suddenly sick and needed to be replaced. Nana finally flew that day.

When they arrived in Yogyakarta, the place where Nana and the rest of the crew stayed was not in an ordinary hotel, because hotels were usually full so they were diverted to another hotel. After arriving at the hotel in the afternoon, and it was Ramadan, Nana and her friends immediately wanted to find food to break the fast. Nana and her friends broke their fast outside and came back when it was night.

Nana slept with two of her friends. Nana’s room has two beds and an extra bed in the middle. Nana and her two friends took a break because tomorrow they have a flight schedule.

I don’t know why in the middle of the night I woke up, maybe because the TV was still on and the TV sound was quite noisy. I wake up looking for the tv remote. When I was looking for a TV remote, I heard the door to the room like it was knocking. I’m waiting if the sound will come again. It turned out that it was just once, ”said Nana from the Galley FM Youtube channel

Nana also thought that maybe it was another colleague who was checking the room or a small child on a whim. Not bothered, he turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

“When I was about to go back to sleep, I heard someone calling my name. I woke up again and saw my two friends who were fast asleep. There’s no way they can call my name, “said Nana.

Even though she was surprised, Nana was still trying to think positive and tried to sleep again. The next day when Nana was awakened, Nana’s friends were surprised and confused because the extra bed in the middle shifted to the front of the TV.

My friend who slept in the extra bed told me that when he was sleeping he dreamed that the mattress moved and was pulled. He didn’t think that the mattress would actually move, ”said Nana.

Nana also told the incident that she experienced last night, starting from the door knocking to the sound of people calling her name. Surprisingly, Nana’s friend who slept in the extra bed said that she had a similar dream.

“He was confused and he immediately said, ‘I swear seriously, I dreamed that I was in my night before I heard someone knocking on the door when I opened it, it turned out to be you. And when I took you to bed, uh you pulled my bed near the TV, I called your name so you stopped but you didn’t stop ‘, “said Nana, quoting her friend.

After hearing her friend’s story, Nana was confused and she asked if maybe what happened to Nana was just a dream. But his friend said that before they slept they watched TV and forgot to turn it off because they overslept. And the condition of the tv is off when they wake up.

“Maybe there was a dream that connected to the real world? Even though we are two different people. Honestly, it was the weirdest experience I’ve ever experienced, “concluded Nana.