Playing a mannequin for fun, this girl experiences many mystical incidents

Playing a mannequin for fun, this girl experiences many mystical incidents – Turning dolls or mannequins, or statues that look like humans into toys, is actually often scary. The reason is, his face and facial features are actually the same as humans. The next mannequin that resembles a human is alive.

Playing a mannequin for fun, this girl experiences many mystical incidents

playing-a-mannequin-for-fun-this-girl-experiences-many-mystical-incidents – Not infrequently the statue is then used as a toy material to have fun with friends at midnight. In the middle of the night, there are actually not a few people who want to try strange things, even though it’s scary, but when with friends the next thing seems to be something fun. Without even realizing it, horror things happen.

Not long ago, a TikTok user @ doraexploloer2 uploaded a video when he and his friends were having fun with a mannequin statue. At first, strange events that went unnoticed because they thought conditions remained normal and there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, as the night went on, there were strange occurrences that were felt after playing the mannequin statue. The owner of the @ doraexploler2 account also shares the story into several parts on his TikTok account. Not a few netizens are curious about the horror stories shared by the @ doraexploler2 account owner.

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The owner of the @doraexploler account uploaded a video of playing the mannequin statue with his friends on November 23, 2020. The video uploaded by the account owner, Dira Sari, has been watched more than 8 million times. The next video was also divided into several sections because many netizens were curious about the stories and strange events they had experienced.

In another video, Dira Sari said that the boarding house where he lived was actually a horror because there was an empty house in front of the boarding house he lived in. Play the mannequin statue in the middle of the night with the horror conditions of the boarding house which are popular, it’s no wonder that strange events are also felt. However, it seems that the following events were not immediately felt, after a few moments strange events were felt.

In this short video that has been watched more than 8 million times, the owner of the @ doraexploler2 account appears and his friends turn the mannequin into a toy and fun material in the middle of the night. In the next video the account owner @ doraexploler2 wrote that the unexpected thing happened at 2 pm.

It seems that after the mannequin was put in front of the door, at exactly 2pm, the mannequin was more advanced than the previous area. Dira Sari, the owner of the TikTok account, also wrote that an object fell, and when the next object fell, Dira Sari and his friends just felt it unless there was something strange about playing with the mannequin.

Before an object fell, the owner of the @ doraexploler2 account and his friends kept on screaming and didn’t feel anything strange about it so they would keep using this mannequin statue as a joke.

There is a strange incident

In another video, the owner of the @ duaexploler2 account and his friends wrote that there were still a lot of strange events going on after that, but my owner further stated that he didn’t have time to record them.

“Reply @alam_namanya. Continue to gais, there are still a lot of strange things that didn’t get caught because they were funny at first #fyp #fyafyafya #fypdonggggggggg シ” wrote the owner of the @ doraexploler2 account in another video which is a connection from the previous video.

In the second video, Dira Sari and his friends wrote in the next video that their friend had become scared and didn’t dare to sleep. Then, he and his friends decided to apologize and go back to the previous room.

After returning to the room, in the next video the owner of the account @ doraexploler2 wrote that his friend’s cellphone suddenly fell and broke. In another post, Dira Sari again stated that the story of the boarding house he occupies is horror.

Dira stated that the next mannequin that was played was in another room, namely room number 10. Room number 10 is near an empty bathroom that has not been used for a long time. Before his friend was playing the mannequin, he and his friends played TikTok together at midnight.