Jatinangor Angkot Horror Story

Jatinangor Angkot Horror Story – Night trips often produce scary stories. As experienced by one of our friends, Rizky, when he used an angkot to return to his boarding house in Jatinangor one midnight.

Jatinangor Angkot Horror Story


dostavapiva.com – At that time in early 2006, I returned home to Sukabumi because there was indeed a long holiday, I was at home for a long time before finally having to return to the Jatinangor campus.

Maybe it’s the same as other students, when I was early in college I still really missed home, so it was very comfortable when I returned home, it was hard to return to campus again.
It was the same time, I felt lazy to go back to Jatinangor, so I decided to leave in the afternoon, it’s okay if you have to arrive at midnight.

But yes even so I still have to go, have to go to college.
I remember very well, if I had an early class schedule on Friday, so I decided to leave Sukabumi on Thursday afternoon.
In short, three in the afternoon I was at the terminal.

Usually I take a bus to Sumedang route, but for some reason that day I didn’t see the appearance at all, there was no bus to Sumedang. Until almost five o’clock, I still haven’t seen the bus I was waiting for.
“Ah, instead of midnight, just take the Garut bus.” I thought to myself.
Yes, because it was past five o’clock, I finally took a bus heading to Garut, later I would get off at the end of the Cileunyi toll road, from there I would take an ojek to the boarding house, or if there were still I would take an angkot.
That’s the plan.

That Thursday, the weather in Sukabumi was drizzling all day, cloudy was definitely a certainty.
I thought it was only in Sukabumi like that, but apparently not, along the road it rained incessantly, with light to moderate intensity.
The Garut bus I was riding wasn’t too full, maybe because it wasn’t the weekend.
The trip will take four to five hours, my estimate is by eleven o’clock at the latest.
But apparently I missed, at half past eleven I was still in Ciranjang. Never mind Jatinangor, Bandung is still far away. It happened because before there was an accident that caused a long traffic jam.

Fortunately, after that the journey slowly began to run smoothly even though it was still a little choked up.
Meanwhile, it’s still raining outside, and the drizzle continues.
The darkness of the night made me unable to enjoy the view, so I slept. What’s more, after getting out of the traffic jam, I fell asleep even more.

I was shocked and then woke up, hearing the conductor’s loud shout that the bus would soon reach the end of the Cileunyi toll road.
Looking at the watch, it was already a little past one.
“It was a very long journey, the time until Cileunyi one o’clock.” I was amazed after all the lives have been collected.
Alright, then I got ready to go down.

Because this bus goes to Garut, so if I pay attention, the passengers are still more or less the same in number, not much has decreased. Maybe later in Cileunyi many will get off the bus with me.
Furthermore, the wheels of the bus continued to roll rolling along the Padaleunyi toll road, the speed was slowing down because not far ahead, the last toll gate could be seen.

Oh yeah, it turns out that the rain is even, at this point it was still raining outside, quite heavily in fact.
I have stood up from my seat, and my guess is correct, it turns out that many passengers will get off at the same place. Not many, are a few, but seeing that I feel a little relieved that I won’t be alone where I come down later.
Once again I looked at my watch, it was ten past one.

After passing through the toll booth, maybe two or three minutes later the bus finally stopped.
At that time the bus stop at the end of the Cileunyi toll road was only on the side of the road, in front of small shops, not at the terminal.
In heavy rain, I finally got off the bus, along with several other passengers. We ran in different directions, avoiding the heavy rain so we didn’t get soaked.
I and two other passengers then took shelter in front of a small roadside stall that was closed. Meanwhile, the bus I was riding on continued its journey.

For a few minutes we stood in the shade, until finally two motorbike taxis approached us.
I, who still hoped that there would still be public transportation, and saw that the rain was getting heavier too, was not too excited to see the two ojegs, then left the two people with me to go on two ojek, leaving me alone.
Yes, in the end I was alone, because I chose to stay in the shade in front of the dark shop, still hoping that an angkot would pass.
At that time, maybe because of heavy rain and it was past midnight, the atmosphere was very quiet, vehicles passing by only occasionally, so continued for the next few minutes.

Then, I don’t know if it’s just a feeling or something, but I feel that suddenly the atmosphere is getting lonely and quiet. Setting aside the sound of the rain, there was absolutely no movement or any other sound.
Standing under the roof of the shop, it’s not like I’m dry without being hit by rainwater, but my body is still wet from the splashes.
The next minute, the atmosphere became more “fun” when the wind started blowing hard, causing rainwater to stop at the body more often.
Ah, I’m so sorry why I didn’t just take an ojek, instead choosing to continue to wait for the angkot, which I should have realized that at that time it was almost impossible for an angkot to pass.

I don’t know what was on my mind at that time.
Seconds change to seconds, minutes change to minutes. I haven’t seen any passing vehicles yet. Quiet. Blank..
But, when I started to lament my fate, I finally saw in the distance that a vehicle appeared approaching.
The flash of light that wasn’t too bright seemed like it was struggling desperately to penetrate the dark and pouring rain, I was sure it was a small car headlight if you looked at it from its shape.

I continued to pay attention, car lights were walking toward me, getting closer and closer. The heavy rain made me not yet see the owner of the lamp clearly.

“Hopefully this is an angkot.” I hope in my heart
Ah! It was true, it was an angkot. When we were only a few meters away, I could tell.
Then this angkot stops right in front.
“Campus Unpad Sir?” I asked the driver.
The driver nodded, then I got into the angkot. Even though the front seat was empty, I chose to sit at the back, for whatever reason at that time.

Once inside, I finally found out that this angkot was empty, I only had the passenger. That’s why I chose to sit by the door, no matter the rain, it’s been almost soaking wet from the shop.
It seems that the driver didn’t intend to wait for other passengers, after I got on, he then started the car even though slowly.
In the pouring rain we broke through the night, along the road which was still quiet, there were absolutely no vehicles.
“Ah maybe because it was late and it was raining hard too.” So I thought to myself when I saw it all, seeing that there were absolutely no other vehicles on the highway except the angkot that I was riding. It’s weird, but never mind.
There is one more oddity.

I feel that public transportation is running very, very slowly. But maybe it happened because the angkot was empty, so the driver walked slowly so he could get passengers in front, maybe so.
Meanwhile outside, the rain was still pouring down.
I just kept looking ahead, watching the road.
In the distance, I have seen a traffic light / red light, or “Stop” if Bandung people say. When we arrive at this red light, we will turn right, towards the campus and where my boarding house is.

However, about two hundred meters before the red light, the angkot suddenly stopped, as if it were about to pick up passengers.
So, when the angkot stopped, I shifted my seat slightly, to make way for the passengers who were about to get on.
But apparently no one, no passenger entered.

“Nobody got on, sir, no one.” As soon as I told the driver, after looking around.
Then the driver answered simply, “Aya.” As soon as he said, while continuing to look forward, not turning back at me.

“Ah, where are the passengers, there aren’t people too.” I thought to myself.
After a short stop, the angkot then starts again, walking slowly.
I, who was still confused, looked forward, watching the road.
But, it hasn’t even reached the red light, again the public transportation stops!

Just like before, the angkot seemed like it was about to pick up passengers, even though there were no people at all, it was quiet.
Once again I said to the driver “No people sir, empty.”

The driver, while continuing to look forward, again answered “Aya.” Which means “There is.”
I’m getting confused, where are the passengers?
Same, then the angkot started running again. The difference is, this time the road is faster, not slow as before.
Because the angkot is already running fast enough, I, who was sitting very close to the door and facing the front, shifted slightly inward, making me face sideways, not forward, you know?
Now when facing this side I finally saw something that might be the answer to why this angkot had mysteriously stopped twice.
I was shocked beyond measure, I got goosebumps, because it turned out that there were already two passengers inside, they were sitting in the back, facing each other, both of them were men.

When did they come in? I, who was sitting beside the door since earlier, didn’t see them at all.
Meanwhile the public transportation was running faster and faster, I, who was starting to get more scared, no longer paid attention to the road.
The two men kept their faces down, while I looked at them every now and then.
“Left, sir. Left .. “As soon as I told the driver, I finally dared to ask the angkot to stop, I was getting scared,
After saying that, then again I looked back.
How shocked I was, when I saw that these two scary passengers were not sitting in their original place. They have moved closer, one sitting opposite, the other sitting right next to me. This is when I can see their faces clearly.
It was so creepy, their faces were pale and covered in blood, as if they had just died from an accident. There was also a very unpleasant fishy odor.
I panicked even more, then reflex hit the angkot ceiling hard.
“Stop sir! Stopeeeeee !! ” I screamed so.
Then the angkot, which was going fast, slowly begins to slow down.
When the angkot was walking slowly, I jumped down. As a result, I fell to the side of the road, it’s okay, the important thing is to make it out.
Then I saw the creepy angkot that kept going slowly, until it finally disappeared into the dark.