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Fulir Dark

Fulir Dark

Brewery Pivionica


Fulir dark is the first Croatian "altbier". Made of six malts. It is extremely dark red, but with lighter thick foam. It is characterized by the aroma of roasted malt, cherry and caramel.

Packing: Bottle 0.33L / Pack (24x0.33L)
13,50 kn
Approx. 1,80 €
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Brewery Pivionica

Light lager, exceptional potability and flavor

15,00 kn / 0.5L
Approx. 2,00 €
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Brewery Pivionica

Hopped lager, dark golden color, aroma of hops and citrus.

12,50 kn / 0.33L
Approx. 1,65 €
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