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Plavuša is American blonde ale, light beer re-fermented in the bottle with gently dry hopping. The flavors of sweetness and bitterness are well balanced with three kinds of malt and four kinds of hops.

Packing: Bottle 0.5L / Pack (20x0.5L)
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To give you a closer feeling of enjoyment in draft beer, when and where you want it, our "Beer Truck" is the ideal solution! "Beer Truck" is a mobile pub designed for all your events in the open, with the possibility of dispensing six different types of draft beer. A pleasant freshness of draft beer, fullness of taste and aroma of malt and hops is maintained by the ideal temperature of 3 to 5 degrees throughout the time of dispensing and allow it to retains original features

  • 200 liters of beer - 5200 kn 0.5 beer / 13 kn
  • 250 liters of beer - 6250 kn 0.5 beer / 12.5 kn
  • 300 liters of beer - 7200 kn 0.5 beer / 12 kn
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One box - 24x1 bottle
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