Anggara Kasih’s ghost story: a mysterious person

Anggara Kasih’s ghost story: a mysterious person – As long as the story has just started, please listen to it carefully, friend.
Anggara Kasih or Tuesday Kliwon is the Vice King of both the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese calendars. With the number of Neptu 11, Tuesday: 3, Kliwon: 8. Those who were born with this weton, are usually chosen people, with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Anggara Kasih’s ghost story: a mysterious person


dostavapiva – Usually people who are born with Weton Kliwon Tuesday, they are people who think of all deductions with ignorance, aka ignorance of observations.

This is linear with the assumption that all forms of witchcraft and other occult practices will not work on people with this weton.

People with a weton Tuesday Kliwon are believed to have their own magical power, easily attracting dedemants and practitioners of black magic. Even in an ancient tantra, one drop of people’s blood with weton tuesday kliwon is equivalent to the sacrifice of 100 human offerings.

That is why, in Sundanese Wiwitan, Kejawen, and Balinese teachings, usually children born with weton have to go through a series of customs, a series of ceremonies, because it is believed that those born on Tuesday Kliwon are children who are blessed by Sang Hyang.

Whereas for black magic practitioners, those who were born with the Weton Tuesday Kliwon are suitable prey to perfect their knowledge.

Especially if the child has advantages, the price will be sold in the market for a few drops of blood. It is even said that there are those who dare to pay dearly for 1 teenager who was born on Tuesday Kliwon and has “talent”.

If it’s a man, before he ends up coming back, and if it’s a girl, after the first menstruation and is a virgin. This pennant is intended for superiority, power and longevity.

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In fact, not only that, abundant wealth and also immunity to magical attacks also make it one of the reasons why children with weton Anggara Kasih are highly sought after.
At that time the Capital, early 2019,

That night, I, Nath and my sister Alma, just set foot in the Sudirman area. As usual, we are always there one night just for silly chit chat or some pretty drinks.

While waiting for Budi and his new girlfriend, Jo, my younger brother is a dirty child, aka the youngest of us all, instead of having to come home with a badly drunk condition, we all decided to join if he wanted to have a pretty drink, what do you think, his name is sister girls, so it must be guarded, because we never know what bad things will happen.

Whereas I am a principled brother, no matter how tough he is, I have to know, because I don’t want him to fall or get caught with the wrong people. So, let him be bad with my knowledge, and he also knows that his brother is not up to be lied to.

Nath is busy with his device, Alma has been around greeting his friends, while I choose to wait for Budi and his new lover.

Until before long, I felt as if someone was watching us, but look at Nath just so-so. Maybe it’s just my feeling.

From a distance I saw Budi and Jo, they both came to us.
“Oh my god, it’s really stuck,” he said, kissing me and Nath alternately.
“Yes Bud, it’s also weekend,” said Nath.
“Where is your brother ?,” asked Budi.

“It’s normal, you don’t know,” I said.
“Little boy, start with his work, what kind of drink did he bring ?,” asked Budi.
“Bombay Shaphire,” I said.

“You don’t want to open the bottle again ?,” asked Budi.
“Bud, who is a bit strong, I want to tip a little tonight,” said Nath.
If it’s like this, it is certain, I will take care of them all. Because among them only I am a drinker and not a drunkard.

Somehow, I still feel like someone is watching. If it’s like this I can’t rely on Nath, even though his instincts are still there, but when he drinks, he doesn’t care more about his surroundings.

That night somehow, I felt uneasy. It was as if an evil eye was watching. Then Nath asked me to contact Bima, his crush who is also Aryasatya’s son.

I also contacted Bima with my gadget, with a little drama I asked Bima to follow us at Sudirman, and Bima also agreed to my request.

30 minutes later Bima arrived, Bima came hurriedly toward us. He asked me how many glasses Nath had drunk.

I deliberately said that I didn’t know, because it would be fun to see the drama of the two of them. When will you see their drama and it is true that the drama will start, but not Nath and Bima.
But my sister, she had been babbling incoherently, but at first glance I heard that she said there was a bad person who had seen us all.

I knew he was drunk, but I knew he was right, so we finally decided to go home, because it was 2:30 in the morning.

Bima was the one who brought Budi’s car, because among them all, only Bima and I were still conscious. The others were already in their hallucinations.

Just imagine them opening the windshield, and greeting everyone, even they also greet the city plant sprinklers. If that’s not enough, imagine them calling everyone at a red light and asking for acquaintances.

Even more frontal, when there are boys they all shout at him openly and ask them to get acquainted with me, saying that I am single. God, I want them to feel very fast, their mouths are all using noodle soup to keep them quiet.

Finally we all arrived at Budi’s apartment, Bima and I dropped them off one by one. I wanted to push them with a trolley.

Given that it will definitely be noisy when in the apartment lobby. As if that night was less horror with their drunkenness, suddenly there was a shrill giggling sound that made me grateful because they suddenly realized and ran helter-skelter.
I can’t imagine if they were all unconscious, Bima and I had to drag them back and forth. Honestly, it was the first time I heard kunti screeching and giggling.

Either because it’s like that or because the effect in the basement makes the sound echo. We also ran back and forth, only I was walking because it was difficult to run, I didn’t think I had to run.
Then all of us arrived at Budi’s unit, because I was half conscious, I took the initiative to make them boiled noodles, so that the hangover wouldn’t get too bad.

The next day,
Alma told me that last night someone noticed us, but I just thought it was wind, because I thought that was the effect of the drink he drank.

Then Nath confirmed Alma’s words, that he also knew someone was watching so he asked me to contact Bima, because Nath knew that Bima could take care of us all.

Then Nath whispered to me “This is weird, Yik,” he said. But I brushed it all off, because if you could reason why not, maybe they saw us accidentally.

Jo immediately agreed that the way that person was staring at us was unnatural. As if he wanted to swallow us all. But, is it true that 2019 is still rich like that? But never mind, we can all go back to Budi’s place safely.
We immediately forgot all about it, because why remember if we don’t know. After all, the black magic boss we know is also close to Nath, so what else should we worry about.

The important thing is, all of our work must be smooth. Not long after, Bima came over to all of us, he asked permission to go home first and later in the afternoon he would come back to pick up Nath.

Because my brother and I are only different units from Budi, so I went home first to pick up things. When I got to my unit, my device rang, it turned out that Mas Wisnu called me.

Mas Wisnu asked me to be careful, because there are movements of some ancient tantras that will arise. If it was true, why didn’t Aryasatya not tell us.

Whether he knows it or not, ah, never mind, there will also be a meeting point. If they do arise, we will see what drama there will be in the future, after all, every human being is also struggling with their own drama and karma so why be afraid.

Honestly, I don’t want to worry about anything today, because I just want to calm down, enjoy my day off as best I can. But what could it be if we were all together like now, not long after, Jo said goodbye from Budi’s unit, because he had to go to work.

Jo and Budi are unique, a pair of lovers with different bodies. Because the male Budi loses macho to the female Jo, his name is Josefira, but we all call him Jo.
Because of his aura which is much more macho than all the men around us. After Jo’s death, we were all busy with our own devices because this is what we were like when we got together, if not busy with our devices, then we were busy looking for what we could do.

Until not long after, Alma’s device rang, it turned out that a call from one of our friends was Danar, as usual we were excited every time Danar called because he always brought delicious fries, he even knew which warteg could make my allergies not recur.

We also wrote down the food we wanted to buy through Danar, weekends are the perfect time to be lazy. So we decided to leave our orders through Danar and of course we didn’t forget to leave the tempe mendoan made by his legendary aunt Danar, so delicious.

Finally Danar arrived at Budi’s unit with all our orders. After eating, Danar told me that he was acquainted with the woman from the blue bird application, he said that this woman was a good woman, fun and fun to be friends with.

We all listened carefully, because it was rare for Danar to talk about the opposite sex with this enthusiasm. Danar even said that this woman had paid Danar several times to take her anywhere.
We thought, it means that this woman is the responsibility. It’s just that, from the beginning when Danar talked about this woman, Alma was always thingking negative, until Nath rebuked him because Nath felt that Alma shouldn’t have done that, especially since Danar was our friend.