5 Original Creatures of Mount Gede Pangrango Watch

5 Original Creatures of Mount Gede Pangrango Watch – Even though it is quite tiring and requires a lot of energy, in fact, hiking can be a fun and addictive activity.

5 Original Creatures of Mount Gede Pangrango Watch


dostavapiva – At this time, mountain climbing activities are also common on holiday agendas for various circles, especially young people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life because mountains are believed to be a refreshing alternative.
Therefore, this phenomenon makes many people flock to climb several mountains in Indonesia.
One of the mountains that is a favorite destination for climbers is Mount Gede Pangrango. Besides having a myriad of views, this mountain is also known to be friendly to beginner hikers. However, who would have thought that the climber’s disturbance actually appeared from an invisible or unseen figure.
Most of the climbers who have visited this mountain have certainly had a horror experience that is hard to forget, especially for those who are afraid of climbers.

Of the many disturbances of invisible creatures, the Millennial Shaman summarizes that there are 5 supernatural figures who guard Mount Gede who often appear in front of climbers.

1. Aul is a demon with 2 heads

The figure of Aul is known as the original guardian of Mount Gede Pangrango and often appears in front of climbers. This appearance of Aul was recorded by Ki Prana Lewu on his YouTube channel.
This manifestation of Aul is known by his two heads on the right and left so that Aul walks slowly and stagger like a drunk. The figure of Aul also often disguises himself as a local resident and misleads the climbers by pointing out the wrong path.

2. The Black Hairy Monster

The original figure of the guardian of Mount Gede Pangrango who often exists to disturb climbers is also a furry creature and is known to have sharp claws similar to the figure of a genderuwo.

This furry monster is often depicted as a dark black figure with fiery red eyes. Usually this figure only pays attention to climbers from a distance with its striking red eyes.
In addition, this figure is also known to be very sensitive to female climbers who are absent or menstruating.

3. An All-White Giant

Some climbers who have climbed to Mount Gede Pangrango tell that the original figure of the guardian of this area is a giant all-white. This color does not come from his clothes because it is considered that this figure does not have clothes even his face seems to be covered by the white color.

4. The ghost carrying the flashlight

Mount Gede is also famous for a mysterious figure who often disturbs and misleads climbers with the characteristic of carrying a flashlight similar to a collection of fireflies. It was not clear what shape it was, what was clear was that the collection of light dazzled the climbers enough to feel dizzy.

5. Climbers Invisibility

The last figure that often haunts climbers is the presence of climbers who are considered not from the human class, because usually these climbers have pale skin and tend to be uncommunicative, aka indifferent to ducks.
These occult climbers are considered as a guide for those climbers who disappear on Mount Gede and want to ask for help to be prayed for, therefore not a few climbers pray or just make a pilgrimage if they want to climb this mountain.
That’s a collection of stories from various astral figures of Gununug Gede Pangrango who are considered to often disturb climbers.