5 Horror Legends in Australia

5 Horror Legends in Australia – A series of horror stories that make the disco goose bumps – not to mention the legends and myths surrounding your area – are not the most sinister. In other parts of the world, such as our neighboring country, Australia, it turns out that there are many horror legends that are guaranteed to make you sleepless! So, now we will summarize the 5 scariest horror legends in Australia.

5 Horror Legends in Australia

5 Horror Legends in Australia

dostavapiva.com – A warning for those of you who only have a tiny amount of guts, it’s better not to be overly reading, okay! Hihihihihi!
Horror lovers, ready to go through an even more gripping Friday night when you read this horror legend? judibolalive99 Here are the 5 scariest horror legends in Australia!

1. Moloch on the Ghost Train Ride

In June 1979, the Godson family went for recreation to a theme park called Luna Park. Her two children are eager to ride the ‘Ghost Train’, a kind of children’s roller coaster with a devil theme. Finally, the father and his two children visited the Ghost Train vehicle. Jenny, the mother, decided to buy ice cream while waiting for her husband and children.
However, after he returned from buying ice cream, he saw the vehicle emitting smoke indicating that the ‘Ghost Train’ was on fire. Jenny’s husband and two children did not survive the incident. Some time after the incident, Jenny saw the photo taken from the Ghost Train rides during the tragic incident. He saw a creepy figure with a face like a horned devil sitting next to a child. It is suspected that the horned devil figure is Moloch, an evil demon who likes to burn small children as sacrifices.

2. Picton’s Ghost Town

Picton township is located 80 kilometers southwest of Sydney. You could say, Picton is the most spooky city in Australia. For those of you who want to see ghosts, this city has a variety of creepy ghosts. There are ghosts of small children running around the village cemetery, a ghost of a pale-faced woman who is ignorant, and mysterious swimmers in a river near the village. The hospital in Picton is also a den of ghosts: there is a sad baby cry every night, and there is a wicked old nurse with rough hands who likes to choke her neck.
But, the most creepy is the Picton train tunnel. It is said that a resident named Emily Bollard was about to cross the tunnel, but unfortunately she was hit by a train. His body was stuck on the locomotive. The witness had passed through the tunnel at a later date and saw Emily, screaming for help, panting as if being chased by a train. Sereeeeem!
Is the town legend Picton just too ordinary for you? Well, if this Australian horror legend doesn’t make your hair go up at all

3. City of Raymond Terrace

No less tense than the City of Picton, Raymond Terrace is one of the cities that you can visit to watch the demons roam. Similar to Picton, Raymon Terrace has many spooky spots.
The most popular is the legend of a pale white girl wandering around curiously to find out who killed her. Then, there is also a story from the church of St Johns that once executed abortion of the womb, and the baby’s bodies were buried behind the church walls. This is why you will hear the sobs of babies in that church.
There are many suicides and murders in this city. They were buried in the cemetery with an anonymous tombstone. One visitor had felt his body being touched several times while he was there. Another scary experience was when a visitor was staying at The Colonial Motor Inn on Raymond Terrace, he once poured a beer into a glass and went out of the room. When he returned to the room, the beer in the glass was gone. Hiiiiiiiyyy …..

4. The Lit Lismore Cross

In 1907 there was a tragic train accident that took the life of William Steenson, a railroad worker. his body was buried in North Lismore Pioneer Cemetery with a large cross embedded in his cemetery. During World War I, local residents saw an oddity. William Steenson’s cross is mysteriously lit up very brightly. However, local residents kept it a secret so that the cross was not used as a “tourist” object for outsiders.
However, in 1978, the cross became so popular that residents from outside the area visited it to see the burning cross. At its peak in 1986, the cross disappeared somewhere. It was replaced by a new cross, but unfortunately the cross no longer lights up.

5. The Legend of the Farmer Friedrick Fisher

The farmer legend named Friedrick Fisher is one of the most popular forest stories in Australia. In June 1826, Fisher left his home to do some farm work and never returned. No one has found a trace of it. Four months after losing Fisher, a trusted local, John Farley, ran into a local hotel. He claimed to have seen the ghost of Fred Fisher, whose face was disfigured, sitting on the rail of a nearby bridge. Farley said the ghost did not speak, but pointed his finger at the pedok behind the river, then disappeared
After the police examined the pedok and found Fisher’s rotting corpse lying rotting maggot-infested there. Once discovered, it turns out that he was killed by George Warrol, a friend and neighbor himself. Until recently, Fisher’s ghost was said to be wandering around the hotel with a shapeless face … Hiiiiiiyy .. Sereeeem …
How? This legend of Satan in Australia is no less scary than the legends circulating in your area, right? There are many more super scary legends that are kept by this continent. Well, of these 5 mystical and creepy Australian horror legends, which one makes you shudder the most.